Double bed : for two person with own bath or without

12.000-15.000 Ft/house/night

Four beds: for four person with own bath or without, with bunk beds

18.000-20.000 Ft/ house/night

Hatágyas: for six person with bunk beds

24.000 Ft/ house/night

Rent the complex:

180.000-230.000 Ft/ house/night

The rates are vithout bedclothes!


Other rates

Student group                          4.000 Ft/person/night

Bedclothes                                      1.000 Ft/person

Additional charge (1 night/weekend only) 100 / 50%

Tent                              1.600-3.000 Ft/ person/night

Pet                                                    2.000 Ft/night

Healting                                    4.000 Ft/house/night

Firewood                                              2.000 Ft/pile

Tax                                           300 Ft/person/night

Allowance for groupes


Please, call us!





Double bed houses


House with 4 or 6 beds